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Craig Branion

I resorted to VigRX Plus because I was having difficulty keeping up with my girlfriend's sex drive. I'm 50, and she's 30, so maybe that's why. Anyway, what I found was that after using VigRX for three weeks, my erections were so hard and lasted so long that even if I did not really want to make love again, I could keep going and make my partner happy by more than doubling the time of our sex sessions.

Derek Bates

Sinrex pills lived up to its name. I have always been a little promiscuous, and like to have a number of lovers. But recently I found that I could barely keep up with one because I took days to recover. Now I am back in the swing of things thanks to SinRex - I am as hard as I was at 20 and I keep going at it like a donkey.

Nigel Plink

Sometimes I used to feel a bit self conscious before having sex, as my penis is only about 5.5 inches at best. I made the most of it using Viagra, but paying over $10 a pill really hurt, and my face was so flushed my wife thought I had some sort of fever. We found out about VigRX Plus from your site and decided to try it. I also used penis exercises I found online to see if I could not get some permanent enlargement. Seven months later there is no doubt I am about an inch longer and 20 percent or more thicker. My hard-ons are so rigid I can hang a full size bath towel on my penis. I feel like a porn star!

Randy Kim

Roaring Tiger is the perfect name for these pills. I wasn't really looking for a herbal supplement that would enlarge my penis, I just wanted to improve my sex life as I am a serious mountain biker, and all that time being jolted around on a hard seat had taken its toll on my erections. Just a month after starting with Roaring Tiger most of my erectile dysfunction is cured. I was lucky if I could get my penis to be level with the ground, now it stands to attention and stays hard for ages.

Harpreet Gill

I am thicker, longer by about a half inch and feel like having sex nearly all the time. Zenerx pills have really worked for me, my girlfriend is really grateful this stuff exists and now she is talking about buying me a year's supply for my birthday. That would be the gift that keeps on giving, for both of us.

Denis S

I didn't trust natural viagra to work for me, I had to take 100mg Viagra pills to tackle my limp penis condition after all, sometimes needing a second pill after an hour or so to make sure I stayed hard long enough to satisfy my wife Louise. It has taken some experimentation, but finally I have found something that works just as well - VigRX Plus is the silver bullet I needed. This stuff is amazing, my libido is up, my penis too, and it works so well I am now thinking of trying for permanent enlargement by taking bigger doses, exercising and using an extender.

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