X4 Labs Penis Extender Review


Quick Review

  • Emphasis on comfort – wider and longer strap
  • Product has undergone clinical trials that can be confirmed
  • Company offers upgrade kit that fits with almost all other extenders
  • Rated best extender on dozens of quality web sites


 X4 Labs Penis Exender Review - Does X4 Labs Work?

 If you wanted to communicate – in telegraph form - why the X4 Labs penis extender is one of the best from among the hundreds available, it would go something like this: “Has hybrid support system that uses both noose and strap for maximum efficiency and comfort.”

Canadian company X4 Labs has taken the basic AndroPenis penis device and turned a well-respected medical instrument into something special. Developed by a Spanish urologist, when used correctly the AndroPenis device has led to 29 percent increases in penis length and 19 percent in girth. X4 Labs does better than that.

What distinguishes the X4 from other penis extenders is a three-in-one hybrid support system. While the basic AndroPenis device functions very well, producing well-documented results, it employs the use of a silicone noose to hold the penis in place. Many users report some discomfort associated with the noose support.

The main other medical grade on the market is comfortable too but unfortunately less secure than the silicone noose. X4 Labs has worked to combine the best qualities of both noose and comfort technology. Each system may be used on its own or together, enabling the best possible fit.

As for efficiency, the X4 claims that the average increase achieved from its use is 33 percent in length and 35 percent in width, or circumference. How the company knows that is difficult to imagine, it must be based on the reported increases of users or from a large group in a clinical trial. In any event, increases of that scale are significant.

The team here at maleenhancementblog.com likes the fact that X4 Labs takes itself seriously and has gone out of its way to gain independent verification. A penis extender is not a toy, it is a medical device and in this case is CE Certified as a Class 1 product, CE meaning Conformité Européenne (French for European Conformity).This means it has met EU consumer safety, health or environmental requirements.

In order to ensure its status as a medical device, the X4 has undergone numerous quality tests and clinical trials. The latest version has a wider and longer strap comprised of a special silicone compound designed to provide better traction and comfort.

It rests firmly around the penis body and secures it comfortably in place. Traditional penis extenders may have a tendency to slip or lose tension over time. This corrects many of the major flaws of the traditional penis extender. The wider surface area provides enhanced grip, prevents slippage, and ensures proper maintenance of blood flow.

X4 Labs also provides the most complete penis enlargement package, including all the necessary parts for a successful penis enlargement program. No other penis extender includes as many parts, ensuring clients never have to buy anything else.

The X4 is backed by a lifetime warranty as well as a 6-month guarantee. Its hybrid support system also makes the device completely universal, meaning it is compatible with all body types.

Our review panel is still in the process of testing the X4 personally. After a few months the results are promising, but it is too early to declare a verdict ourselves. There is no reason, however, to doubt the results reported on a wide variety of independent, quality natural male enhancement websites.

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