ViSwiss Male Enhancement Pills Review


Type: Capsules
Quantity:60 Capsules
Serving Size: 2 Capsules per day
Package Lasts: 1 Month
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Quick Review

  • Huge Yohimbine dose will rocket blood into the penis
  • Specially formulated to be the fastest working natural viagra on the market
  • Maxim magazine, Mens Health, Esquire and MSN all give Viswiss the thumbs up
  • Ingredients concentrated to boost them up to 15 times their natural strength
  • So safe it can be taken with alcohol, manufacturers report

Detailed ViSwiss Pills Review - Does Viswiss Work?

Swiss and American co-project Mojo pills come highly recommended. This is a pill that works. The internet is flooded with tall claims about medications that grows the penis by three to four inches, which nobody with basic intelligence should fall for. No pills can magically increase the size of anyone’s penis and not by that much. It is possible to grow the length and girth by one to at most two inches over time, and combined with penis exercises.

The only thing that can be considered almost “magic” is the ViSwiss pill. There is, however, no magic to the formulation of this male enhancement pill. It is quite simply a 100 percent herbal pill with only the safest of natural ingredients and root extracts. That is why the manufacturers go out of their way to state that it can be taken with alcohol, still be effective and safe. This is unique and a strong factor in favour of ViSwiss

ViSwiss might have some mild side affects if the taker has been diagnosed with a serious heart condition or high blood pressure. It is also not a good idea for men sufferering severe clinical Depression to take it, as the Yohimbine could increase anxiety.

A fine feature offered by Viswiss is the ability of the pill to last for 72 hours. Users won’t be hard for 72 hours - that would be very painful – but will be ready hung so they will be ready for action at short notice.

The 120 mg of Yohimbine packed into each pill gave most members of our test panel members a solid hard on in less than 20 minutes of taking the pill. This is a claim that many pills and powders make, but few live up to.

ViSwiss uses a research-proven blend of 11 unique herbal ingredients, which work together to combat men’s erectile dysfunction. Together they stimulate sexual activity, maintain and enhance erections and increase sperm production in the testis. The ViSwiss ingredients come from growers with only the most potent plants from their regions. They are concentrated through a patented process that enhances them to superior quality. These include:

* Muira Puama - 200mg, herbal treatment for sexual dysfunction.

* Saw Palmetto (Ptychopetalum) - 1mg, for its male organ strengthening and anti-aging qualities.

* Tribulus Terrestris - 1mg, increases the sperm amount and speed of regeneration.

* L-Arginine - 300mg, what scientists call the "Miracle Molecule" - it lowers blood pressure, increases circulation of blood, and increases sperm count and semen volume in men.

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