Vimax Male Enhancement Pills Review


Type: Capsules
Quantity:30 Capsules
Serving Size:1 Capsule per day
Package Lasts: 1 Month
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Quick Review

  • More concentrated formula means only one pill a day, down from three before
  • Aims for permanent penis enlargement - and works for many
  • No yohimbine, so safe for men with heart conditions, diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Only natural male enhancement supplement to contain Inosine Anydrous, a nucleoside (a building block for DNA and RNA) found in muscle tissue.

Detailed Vimax Pills Review - Does Vimax Work?

Vimax sets itself apart from the other half dozen or so leading male enhancement brands by emphasizing its potential to lead to meaningful increases in penis size that are permanent. Its site even mentions men achieving growth of up to four inches. We are in no position to outright contradict that, but consider ourselves skeptical, and assume this must involve a great deal of penis extension using a penis extender device in addition to the penis pills.

As mentioned elsewhere, we will give the manufacturers the benefit of the doubt that at least one inch and maybe two can could be attributed simply to the absolute fullest extension erection possible. This means the smooth muscle and three main spongy chambers of the penis that fill up with blood are at maximum capacity. Months of diligent penis exercises and extender use could enhance that a little, but even then four inches seems ambitious. Even so, a two-inch addition would be pretty eye-popping in the life of just about any man.

Although natural supplements of herbs, plant extracts and organic compounds such as amino acids and others have been around for ages, it is only since the advent of pharmaceutical Viagra almost exactly 12 years ago, the little blue pill that is sildenafil citrate, that western companies have made large investments in research and development of herbal penis pills. As such, Vimax appearing on the market about 11 years ago, it is one of the first and has since earned something of a reputation as a classic. Initially the brand recommended two to three tablets daily, but in the past few years a newer version has appeared that requires the taking of only one pill each day.

The ingredients will be familiar to any person with any knowledge of herbal viagras. The usual and almost indispensable horny goat weed is here (epimedium), as are gingko and ginseng, saw palmetto and hawthorn berry, tribulis and oat straw extract. What is unusual is the absence of L-arginine and its replacement, to some extent, by inosine anhydrous, which increases the body's ability to carry oxygen, and is popular with athletes. Ordinary cayenne pepper is here too, something often found in diets and cleanses. It is not directly involved in sex enhancement, but is a useful addition for its function of boosting blood circulation.

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