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Quantity:60 Tablets
Serving Size: 2 Tablets per day
Package Lasts: 1 Month
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Quick Review

  • Enhanced erections due to increased blood flow.
  • Prevents premature ejaculation and adds length and girth to fully erect penis.
  • Probably the fastest-working of the natural pills, and longest-enduring
  • Does not contain yohimbine, an alkaloid that can cause problems for men with heart and/or blood pressure issues.
  • Excellent results achieved in two major studies conducted on rats (to be published in the Scientific Journal).
  • Three new ingredients added to highly successful formula in leading brand VigRx.

Detailed VigRX Plus Review - Does VigRX Plus Work?

Leading Edge is promoting its newest supplement very enthusiastically, boldly claiming it is the best available anywhere. It has the same ingredients as VigRX except with three new substances - damiana, tribulis and what appears to be a breakthrough, what it calls Bioperene or piperine as it is generally known.

According to online research damiana is a shrub native to South America and the Caribbean. Mexican Indians and others have for centuries made a tea from its leaves, as an aid to lovemaking. It is also smoked to produce a pleasant relaxing effect. Tribulis on the other hand increases the body's natural testosterone levels and thereby improves male sexual performance and helps build muscle. It has been shown to enhance sexual behavior in animals by stimulating androgen receptors in the brain.

But the most exciting development is surely the addition of Bioperine, which comes from black pepper. It safely increases the absorption rates of nutrients that it is combined with, so it makes supplements work better. It has been awarded several patents in the US, as a bioavailability enhancer.

This site, "" found an independent study that stated "Piperine (common name) has the remarkable ability to manipulate all four of the mechanisms that expose cells to nutrition, thereby permitting more of the substances to enter the body in active form.

"Piperine supplementation can sometimes turn a marginally effective therapeutic substance into a highly effective one simply by increasing its bioavailability and intracellular residency time," the study by Russell Mills of the Delano Company says. This is why VigRX Plus is so effective.

Our team of six waited some time after completing experimentation with VigRX before moving onto VigRx Plus. All of us gave the Plus the thumbs up after a month, the only issue being some of the guys reported it did not increase libido as much as they would have liked, but most of us found it worked well in that area as well.

This is one report from a team member, word for word: "After the first day of using these capsules I noticed that the erection of my penis was much firmer and lasted longer. Now after one month I can say that the length of my erection has increased significantly and that the thickness increased as well. My girlfriend is also very enthusiastic about the change and encourages me to go on. In the past I could reach only one ejaculation a night, now I can ejaculate two or even three times. After the ejaculation the next erection is coming up very quickly."

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