Sinrex Male Enhancement Pills Review


Type: Capsules
Quantity:60 Capsules
Serving Size:1 -2 Caps per day
Package Lasts: 1 Month
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Quick Review

  • One of the fastest-acting pill on the market
  • Unique ingredients combine to improve overall health as well as sexual performance
  • Prolonged use leads to permanent gains in length and girth
  • Harder and longer erections
  • Clinical trial of 50 men shows impressive results

Detailed SinRex Pills Review - Does Sinrex Work?

Sinrex, or Sinrex Dual Synergy Performance Supplement to use the full official name, is another of the big guns in the natural male enhancement world, a leading brand from a reputable and well-established company.

What separates Sinrex from its rivals is that in addition to the L-arginine and tribulis that work to directly enhance blood flow to the penis, it is also rich in antioxidants, like lycopene, from tomatoes, and EGCG, found in green tea. So it helps to remove free radicals and carcinogens from the body. This is important for both sperm production as well as prostate health. Free radicals are caused by pollution, smoking and other activities. Sinrex is the only male enhancement pill with antioxidants to remove such carcinogens. This not only helps to promote better health and increased energy, but is also important in promoting prostate health.

Sinrex reports that in a clinical trial of 50 men, 25 of whom were treated with two tablets of Sinrex daily, for 15 days, the other 25 being given placebo sugar capsules.

Copper chelate is another unique ingredient found in Sinrex. It works to improve heart health and arteries - clearing fatty buildup to make way for clearer blood flow. Further, it contains a hefty dose of Bioperine, the pepper extract that makes nutrients easier for the body to absorb, so-called bioavailability. Our panel found that Sinrex was the fastest acting of the herbal sex enhancement pills tested, enabling sexual activity in as little as thirty minutes from the time they are taken. Even the extremely expensive artificial drugs like Viagra and its competitors Cialis and Levitra are not as fast acting. And just as important, if not more so, Sinrex stays active in the body for up to 36 hours. As it builds up it is possible to achieve bountiful erections almost on demand, hours after if for example the man is in a routine of always taking the pill at breakfast or first thing in the morning.

This is supplement that delivers. It even comes with a 90-day guarantee for the tiny few whose erectile dysfunction is so serious it might require more serious intervention.

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