Roaring Tiger MAX Pills Review


Type: Capsules
Quantity:48 Capsules
Serving Size:1 - 2 Caps per day
Package Lasts: 1 Month
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Quick Review

  • Unique ingredient doubles testosterone
  • Erections so hard you can hang a jacket on them!
  • Increases sperm count and fertility
  • Boosts sex drive to serious levels
  • Overcomes common challenges of poor diet, poor fitness and fatigue

Detailed Roaring Tiger MAX Pills Review - Does MAX work?

Roaring Tiger Max is similar in many ways to the Virility Supplement, except it is intended to result in permanent penis enlargement when used together with an exercise plan that is included with the pills for no extra charge.

Again, our reviewers were impressed with both the results of our internet research on the Max pills and the outcome of personal use. It is clear that Max is one of the leading, most reputable brands. It contains a generous dose of the natural sex enhancers found in the best supplements. Taken individually these herbs and plant extracts would have results, but taken together they have a synergistic effect, meaning they complement each other and at the same time work on all of the main areas involved in sexual function.

Roaring Tiger especially draws attention to the fact that Max contains something we have been unable to find anywhere else. They have trademarked it is LJ100. It was developed by a Malaysian doctor and is known as the “Tongkat Ali King”. It is a kind of root that looks similar to ginseng.

For inclusion in these natural viagra pills the roots have undergone a patented extraction process to capture the most potent, biologically active Eurypeptides, which increase libido, energy, enhance sport performance, rejuvenate youthfulness and fertility.

It is important to remember that most flagging sex drive or even erectile dysfunction is caused by poor overall health, and that in turn comes from poor diet and lifestyle. Changes to diet and lifestyle can take months or even years to show results. In the meantime, the sufferer will benefit from a good sex life, improving not only well-being and confidence, but also helping relationships to survive. This is where powerful pills like Max come in, they can bypass the effects of alcohol and smoking, coffee and fatty foods.

Max also has L-Arginine, the amino acid that is so effective in Roaring Tiger Virility Supplement, and the bark extracts and epimedium that are the basic building blocks of sex function. Epimedium, also known as horny goat weed, contains the substance that is the main ingredient in Viagra, so it is no surprise that it is so effective in herbal supplements, which are a fraction of the price and come without the often dangerous side affects of prescription drugs.

So what was the experience of our team. ``Remember to be realistic about the effects penis pills will have on you. Combined with penile exercise techniques, they can most definitely promote faster gains and Max is one of those,`` said our team leader. `Taken on their own they aided the quality of my erections and made me feel more than a little horny. I noticed an increase in my penis size while I was taking them, both when flaccid and erect, due to the increased blood flow caused by the dilation of the penile arteries.``

“I did not expect this to equate to long term gains in penis size”, he said, “unless I was prepared to combine them with exercise. The exercises are included, they are easy to do and together there is no question that I have added at least a half inch to my erect penis size.”

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Lloyd Cannon June 8, 2010 at 2:43 pm

Taking Roaring Tiger Max for 3 mo. I can not belive this thing ,so hard a cat can not scratch it. Ps I am 75 years old..

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