Extenze Male Enhancement Pills Review


Quantity:30 Tablets
Serving Size:1 Tablet per day
Package Lasts: 1 Month
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Quick Review

  • High concentrations of herbs used in ancient Chinese medicine deliver the goods
  • All three chambers of the penis targeted for powerful increase in blood flow
  • Anti-aging extracts strengthen entire body, lending energy and stamina when needed most
  • Sexual desire increased and maintained
  • Harder, more enduring erections on demand due to Yohimbe

Detailed Extenze Pills Review - Does Extenze Work?

It would be difficult to find a natural penis enhancement pill that has more herbal 'viagra' supplements in it than Extenze. The list runs to around 30 ingredients! Interestingly, Extenze is one of very few of the major male enhancement pills that contains the strongest natural aphrodisiac known, an extract from the bark of an African tree known as Yohimbe. It is so strong that in some countries it is necessary to get a prescription for yohimbe.

Some penis pill manufacturers avoid it because it can cause anxiety and insomnia in some people. Most men, however, can easily cope with the controlled quantities of the alkaloid in Extenze. Clinical studies on humans have indicated conclusively that this is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Other ingredients in Extenze which impress the reviews team at the company that runs this website are cnidium seeds, which appear in countless classic traditional Chinese texts as an aphrodisiac. In addition to increased libido they also increase sperm secretion. Next up is Eleutherococcus, a root which is more tonifying than the true Ginsengs. Taken regularly, it enhances immune function, decreases cortisol levels and inflammatory response and promotes improved cognitive (thinking) and physical performance.

It goes on: Extenze even contains velvet deer antler, which may sound odd but which definitely increases testosterone, the main male hormone. One Canadian study on young males (football players and police recruits) found higher testosterone levels after taking velvet antler supplements for several weeks. Human growth hormone is also stimulated, which leads to "decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, increased bone density, increased energy levels, improved skin tone and texture and increased sexual function," as we found cited in a medical encyclopedia.

Naturally Extenze contains all the expected supplements that when brought together work to enhance the effectiveness of each other. These are horny goat weed, damiana, tribulis, muira puama, zinc, bioperine, L-arginine and DHEA. How they manage to get all this into a small tablet is wizardry, but manage they have.

Not surprisingly our review team was highly enthusiastic about getting their hands on Extenze. It is perhaps a fraction more expensive than some other herbal penis enhancement pills, but that is more than justified given the amazing range of quality ingredients it contains. Our expectations that Extenze would be successful in increasing sex drive and lead to truly huge, rock hard erections while in the bloodstream, we wanted to see if it could lead to permanent enlargement if used often enough and long enough, and with exercises. Half of the team achieved this result, half said their erections were so swollen their penises were almost standing straight up but they were unsure about permanent gains.

Those who did get the permanent gains reported increased length and girth both erect and flaccid. This might be due to the capacity of the three penis chambers that fill with blood being so open to receiving the blood that erections are achieved more quickly, they last longer and use every millimetre of potential capacity. Repeated use of this type could stretch the special "smooth muscle" in the penis that needs to relax to allow the blood to flow in and out.

In every case our team members confidently reported not only enhanced sexual performance but also feeling better overall, including better sleep, concentration and mood .

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