Natural Male Enhancement Pills Ingredients

Bioperine / Piperine

Extracted from black pepper, and also known as piperine, this alkaloid increases the body's ability to use other nutrients, or bioavailability. Rather than taking more vitamins, minerals or other supplements, bioperine boosts the results of smaller doses.


This herb is used to treat a range of conditions, including erectile dysfunction, by working on the central nervous system.

DHEA: (Dehydroepiandrosterone)

This is described as a building block for sex hormones. It helps increase testosterone levels, the hormone that separates men from women, whose equivalent is estrogen. Higher testosterone leads to strength and virility, and also longer life.

Epimedium ("Horny Goat Weed")

The active ingredient is icariin, which increases levels of nitric (not nitrous oxide. Nitric oxide is the main messenger element involved in the brain communicating with the heart to send blood to the penis, and the veins in the penis opening up to take the blood and keep it there long enough. In particular, the nitric oxide relaxes the "smooth muscle" in the penis that allows it to expand so quickly and then revert to its former resting state.

Ginkgo Leaf

This ancient Chinese remedy increases blood flow to the penis. It also protects cell damage from aging and prevents blood clotting.

Folic Acid and Vitamin E

Vitamins which, taken together with one or more of the other supplements listed here, improve erections


Known for many years by East Asians to improve libido (sex drive) and energy. This is from a direct effect on the central nervous system and gonadal tissues (testicles). It also helps with getting an erection.


This amino acid helps erections by enhancing the effects of nitric oxide and the release of hormones.


A plant and root that is widely consumed by humans as well as livestock, it heightens libido and improves semen quality and quantity. It optimizes the levels of nutrients to the endocrine system, or glands.


A plant extract that boosts levels of testosterone and thus libido. It takes time to build up in the body, usually two to three weeks.


This is an especially powerful substance taken from the bark of an African tree. It is so strong that it is commonly prescribed by doctors for treatment of erection failure. It is an alkaloid also used as a dietary supplement and to treat diabetes, which is a common contributor to erectile dysfunction.


This common and essential mineral improves erectile function in men with a zinc deficiency. It plays a key role in growth of sex organs and healthy brain function.

* Other less common ingredients include saw palmetto, hawthorn berry, muira pauma bark extract and catuaba bark extract, among others.

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