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What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED) ?
This is when an erection is consistently difficult or impossible, despite being sexually aroused.
What causes Erectile Dysfunction?
The most important physical causes for erectile dysfunction are heart disease and diabetes, problems with hormones, the nervous system or drug side effects. Nearly all are treatable. There is often a psychological reason as well, or it could even be the main reason.

Because erection failure is linked to ideas of male strength, virility and success, it can have serious psychological consequences. Although sites like this are helping, there is still a strong culture of silence and inability to discuss the matter. In reality around 1 in 10 men will have repeat erection problems at some point in their lives.
What is the best cure for Erectile Dysfunction?
This is easy to answer: in the vast majority of cases taking pills is the quickest and easiest remedy. The question is then, which pills? And the answer to that is almost as easy - those which work best at the best cost, and which have the least side affects. And which are those? No doubt about it, natural male enhancement supplements.

In severe cases it might be necessary to take higher doses of natural penis pills and take them for longer. In even more serious cases combining a lighter dose of artificial prescription drugs such as Viagra or Cialis could do the trick, taken together with herbal supplements. This will keep the cost down and limit the side affects which many men have to tolerate from the laboratory drugs.

Only in extreme cases is surgery and/or psychological counseling needed. Sometimes it might also be necessary to temporarily stop taking other drugs that are causing the erection failure, anti-depressants for example, where this is an option.
Are male enhancement pills safe?
Overall male enhancement pills are quite safe. Their ingredients are mostly natural herbs anyone can buy from any good natural health store, without prescription. But even so you should always read the ingredient list to see if they contain anything that might react poorly with you personally - due to some condition you have or because you are taking other medication as well for some other condition. If you are still not sure then check on the internet or ask your doctor.
How can taking pills lead to full male enhancement, even permanent penis enlargement?
Like any tissue that gets exercised over and over, the smooth muscle and spongy chambers in the penis that fill with blood to cause an erection can stretch with frequently repeated activity. Unlike artificial drugs, natural penis pills are taken every day and will often cause some degree of erection even if there is no sexual activity. This adds up to the spongy chambers being able to hold more blood and responding better and faster to the nerve signals they receive.

And because men taking pills are likely to have sex more often, as they enhance the erotic experience in many ways, the longer-term effects are almost inevitably some growth in the length and thickness of the penis. This can be further enhanced with certain penis exercises if even more increase is desired.
Stronger, more enduring erections and bigger penis - What else can I expect?
Many men report one or more of the following enhancements: Greater stamina; more intense orgasms; easier urination; stronger sex drive; greater semen volume and quicker recovery time between orgasms.
Can I take male enhancement pills even if I am a sernior citizen?
Absolutely, in fact seniors are the very men who stand to gain perhaps the most from natural viagra pills. As stated in FAQ 4, are penis pills safe, it is a good idea to know what is in the supplement and to ask the health store attendant, a pharmacist or even your doctor whether it contains anything that might conflict with you personally due to your health or other medicines you might be taking - especially heart and blood pressure meds.
How much do these natural male enhancement pills cost?
Between $50 and $89 per month, with discounts for bulk purchases. Considering that any of the three main prescription drugs are between $10 and $20 per pill, and are not available on health insurance, the natural alternatives are a bargain.

Medical specialists and scientists have carefully selected from a huge range of herbs, plant extracts and natural supplements such as amino acids and minerals, to create pills that work in a wide variety of ways to ensure their effectiveness. Some of the herbs enhance blood flow, some work on the central nervous system, others open the veins to allow blood to flow more easily, others boost overall energy, still others boost hormone levels and they all come together to deliver a very powerful result - better sex. Value for money? We think so.
Does size really matter?
What did the elephant say to the naked man?  "How do you breathe through something so small?" Despite the fact the elephant was a little confused, most women agree the size of a man's "trunk" is important.

Over half of women polled in Sun Media's Great Female Sex Survey said size does matter. The survey polled 1,003 women above the age of 18, and 41 percent said size matters a little and 13 percent said size matters a lot. Women who were dating, under the age of 45 were more likely to pull out their measuring tape, so to speak.

The grandmother of sex education in North America said: "They equate it with how sexy they are. They look at their partner when they have this humongous erection and they say, 'oh wow I can really yank his crank.'"
Is sex really that important to a relationship?
Sexual satisfaction is not only important to couples, it is critical. Consider a relationship or even a potential one with someone where you were not pleased during sex. The chances of a pair making it over the long haul, when even one person is slightly dissatisfied, is very slim.

In western societies a healthy sexual lifestyle is not just something you enjoy, but is a social topic that can come up in conversations with friends or family. Not being able to confidently say "We have a great sex life and experiment and have a lot of fun." can be depressing and lead to issues down the road with your partner.

So how can you address your potential issues? Or maybe that is why you are reading this - you're already there. In either case the only way to really know if there is a bigger problem is to talk to your partner. Addressing your concerns is step one in any problem you are having. Speak openly and honestly and don't hold back. It could just be that you are expecting too much or too little from your sexual life and your partner will let you know their feelings on the issue as well.
What about penis extenders - Are they worth it?
Absolutely, for those men who are determined to have a longer and thicker penis, and more rapidly than just by using male enhancement pills and exercises. The advances in design have come such a long way in recent years that there are now a number of extender devices on the market that safely shape the penis in much the same way as working out at the gym shapes other parts of the body.

The penis is basically placed in a small mechanical device that gently applies tension at points that are not uncomfortable for the wearer. Over time the stress leads to development of the muscle and tissue that make up the penis.

Here is what one satisfied user said: "I bought the device being skeptical that it would work, so I classified it as an experiment. If it worked, then great, if not, then just another penis size scam. I used only the extender; no pills, no pumps, no creams, no exercises. After awhile I could tell something was different as I started to hit the back wall of my wife's vagina in positions that I hadn't been able to before. After 6 months I found that not only did my erect length increase but my girth did as well."
What about seriously curved penis - can that be remedied?
This condition is called Peyronie's Disease and is most often found in men over 35. It not only causes physical discomfort, it also results in erectile dysfunction. Intercourse is essentially hindered and may sometimes be too painful.

More and more doctors have been turning to extenders in order to substantially correct penile curvature and treat Peyronie's disease. These devices offer an alternative solution to surgery. By applying a slight amount of longitudinal stress, they can significantly correct up to 70 percent of penile curvature.

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