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It’s so frustrating when the woman you love or want to get to know better won’t talk to you. You text, you call, you email and all you get in return is silence. So what’s going on? Why won’t she talk to you?  Depending on where you’re at in the relationship can point to different reasons for her lack of communication.

Just Met Her

So, you just met this girl and you think she’s pretty great. You gave her your phone number and told her to give you a text or call so you could hang out. She responded, saying it was a great idea and she gave you her number too. When  you called you got her voice mail, so you left a message. A day went by with no response, two days, three days… Maybe in between time you shot her a quick text just asking “what’s up?” Did she get your message? Why isn’t she replying?  Is she busy? Is her phone broken or lost?

In cases like this it’s best to let it go. If you keep calling or texting you’ll just feel worse about the whole situation and get angry or think something’s wrong with you. Maybe she already has a boyfriend and was just being polite when she gave you her number, or maybe she changed her mind and no longer wants to hang out. So what? There are plenty of other women out there in the world. Simply move on.

Dated A Couple Times

In this case you’ve been out together a few times and thought the two of you really hit it off. You started thinking that maybe things would become long-term, but suddenly she stopped talking to you. Your phone calls, emails and texts go floating off into cyberspace and are never answered. What happened? Why the sudden silence?

In these cases it’s usually because her ex came back into her life. Most people like being in a relationship and if you felt the dates went along well and you had a good time, ten to one there’s another guy in the picture who took her back. If she refuses to talk to you then all you can do is chalk it up to experience and get back into the dating lane.

Long-term Relationship

You’ve been with this girl for awhile now and suddenly she isn’t talking to you. Maybe you live together and maybe you don’t, but you definitely are an item and in a monogamous relationship. When you contact her by phone or email she ignores you, when you’re together she barely says a couple of words or makes excuses not to see you.

This is a bit trickier than the first two examples, but most of the time you can bet that you did something that ticked her off. Maybe you forgot her birthday, your anniversary, talked about an old girlfriend, etc. She’s either feeling jealous or hurt.

What you want to do is get her to open up and talk about it then ask her how you can make things right again. If she does open up then sit back and try to listen. You’ll probably get an earful and then some, but try not to let it bug you too much. She’s simply acting on emotion. Find out what’s truly bothering her and then work together to make amends.

Why isn’t your girl talking to you? Your situation probably fits in to one of the three we just talked about. If so, now you know whether you should let it go or work on it.

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