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Lately have you started to watch TV more than usual or are you spending more time at work or on the computer?  Does your wife tell you that you don’t talk to her anymore and never listen?  Maybe you feel your marriage has lost its passion and you have no idea what to do about it. Perhaps there are other reasons why you’ve become emotionally distant.

It’s Normal For Guys

It’s always really hard to see our own faults, especially when you’re a man. Women are usually very verbal and emotional while men tend to close in on themselves and hope the negative things will just go away.  It’s not that you don’t love your wife anymore, but there’s something definitely going on—inside you, in your life, in the relationship—and it’s easy to focus on other things rather than facing stress and problems head-on.

Outside Problems

Some reasons why you may be acting distant toward her could be work or another problem that’s bothering you. Society teaches men to go off on their own and solve their problems, they aren’t used to opening up, sharing feelings, and asking for help. But women take this personally and feel hurt by it. They take it personally and always wonder what they’ve done wrong to make you act that way.

Relationship Issues

When you’ve been in a relationship for awhile things change. You get comfortable and feel you no longer have to try as hard as you did in the beginning. Sure, maybe you miss the spark of new love, but you like feeling stable and secure.

The problem is, your lady is not happy with it in the least. She feels you’re no longer attracted to her, you aren’t romantic, you don’t try as hard as you used to, and she never seems satisfied.  If you can’t please her then it’s easy to just back off and keep to yourself. This is especially true if things have deteriorated in the relationship and she’s become critical of everything you do. Soon you just want to be left alone rather than face the nagging and negativity.

No Quick Fix

If you’re constantly distant and hold things in then it’s going to push your wife away more and more until she’s bitter or neurotic. All relationships need compromise and to meet in the middle. Communication is key here. Talk to her, do your best to open up, and let her know what you need or want and ask her the same.  Staying happily married often takes hard work, but if you truly want to be happy then it’s worth the effort.

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