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If you watch any amount of TV then you’ve surely seen commercials for ED pills such as Viagra or Cialis that warn you if you have an erection for more than 4 hours that you should consult your physician. You probably laugh and think to yourself, “Hell! I’d love to have an erection that lasted 4 hours! What’s the problem with that?” Then your mind might take a walk down fantasy lane, imagining all the times you could have sex in that 4 hour period. There are reasons why an erection lasting a few hours could be bad for your health, and here’s why.

Nervous System Problems

When you have an erection without the help of pills your brain and nervous system work together to send blood into your penis, making it hard and ready for intercourse. While taking prescription drugs for ED it works the same way, but artificially. Since it isn’t your natural body’s chemicals and signals sending those messages to create an erection, your nervous system can go haywire and keep sending the signal to stay erect. Okay, you still might not see why this could be a bad thing.

Permanent Impotence

All of that blood flow in your penis creates pressure, and if that swelling lasts longer than average then it can cause damage. This damage to your tissues or blood vessels could be temporary, though many times it may be permanent and the damage irreversible.

What kind of damage are we talking about here? Simple; permanent impotency. Can you imagine, taking a drug that’s supposed to help you to get an erection then it screws everything up and you could never get one again? That’s why it’s vital that you call your doctor if you take “the little blue pill” or any other ED pill and your erection lasts far too long.

Hidden Health Problems

Another reason why a prolonged erection is a bad thing is that it could point to a problem in your nervous system or cardiovascular system. If you catch it in time, after this incredibly long erection, you may ward of future health issues you may not have otherwise known about.

Many men do take Viagra, Cialis, and other prescription ED medications and don’t have a problem at all, but why risk it when you can take a natural penis pill that can help you get longer, stronger erections, plus boost your sex drive, energy levels, and more? The cost compared to the blue pills and others like them is negligible and the ingredients are 100% natural. Try taking a good herbal male enhancement supplement and giving it a chance before resorting to dangerous prescription drugs.

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