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Most women these days don’t have a problem with telling a man his penis is too small and can’t satisfy them. What a blow to the ego! But, isn’t it better to know what a woman thinks about your manhood rather than guessing? Even if you weren’t born with the penis of your dreams, there are three easy things you can do if you want a longer penis.

Shave Or Trim Your Pubic Hair

Some men are very hairy and tend to have a lot of pubic hair covering their groin, testicles and even part of their shaft. All this hair will make your penis look smaller. What you can do is shave all the hair off and you’ll notice that your penis instantly looks inches longer.

The bad thing about shaving your pubic area is that it takes time, is a hassle, and when the hair starts growing back it’s itchy. If you don’t want to deal with any of that, just keep your hair well trimmed.

Get a pair of scissors you use only for trimming hair since paper or anything else will make them dull and pull on your pubic hair when you cut it. Be careful when you trim, you don’t want to cut yourself. How short you want your pubic hair is up to you. You want it to be long enough to look manly yet short enough so it doesn’t look like the Amazon Forest. Trim weekly.

Give Your Penis A Workout

There are exercises that can make your penis thicker and longer. All it takes is a few minutes each day and dedication. If you give up too soon you won’t see good results. The exercises you’ll want to look up are usually called “jelqing” or “penis stretching exercises.”

Yes, you’ll actually be stretching the erectile tissue of your penis and adding on inches. It’s perfectly safe if done according to directions and many men swear it works wonders and report gains of up to 3 inches within a few months. Again, this takes time, so don’t give up.  It will take at least 4-6 months before you notice significant changes.

Penis Pills

There are completely natural penis pills on the market that can increase the length and girth of your penis. Although they may have some different ingredients, they all work to increase blood flow to the shaft and head. Over time, these penis channels are permanently stretched so they hold more blood when you’re erect. These natural male enhancement pills also help to boost testosterone levels that can increase penis size, sex drive, and energy levels.

If you truly want a longer penis then try putting all three of these tactics into practice and watch the results!

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