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Sometimes you may take a look at your life as it is right now and wonder if you’re truly happy. Maybe you know you aren’t happy, perhaps you feel pretty okay but wonder if you could have more.

In today’s world we’re always under pressure to do more, have more, buy more, and work more. To make matters worse, you could have people around you who claim to have a kick-ass career, an amazing relationship, and all the latest gadgets, not to mention the fact that they love to talk about their wild sex lives. It’s enough to leave…


As a guy you may not always think about your glutes, but women find guys with a tight butt very attractive. Also, if you have a strong rear end it makes certain sex positions and those lovemaking marathons a lot easier. Studies have shown that when women are asked if they prefer a guy with a great face or great butt, they’ll almost always choose a man with a killer butt. Muscles turn women on. They see you as more masculine and sexual compared to someone who is flabby, no matter how cute their face is.

So maybe you work…


Let’s face it, people have different notions and beliefs when it comes to sex. Whether it is about sex etiquette, frequency of sex, and even safe sex practices, these superstitions really come in interesting varieties. Some of these may be rooted deep in native traditions, while some of them are just silly urban myths.

At present, there are beliefs about sex that have already been studied and debunked by health experts. For instance, most people think that men have a greater drive for sex compared to women. Dr. Barry Buffman of says that the libido of men tends to…


Just when we all thought that women were the only ones going for implants and cosmetic procedures, current statistics tell us otherwise. In a world where looks seem to be everything, even the men choose to go under the knife and enhance their appearances with the help of cosmetic surgery.

Statistics from American surveys in 2008 found that only about half of men would approve of having cosmetic procedures in general. In the same study, though, only about 20% of fellows would say they would agree to have it done on them. When asked if they will be embarrassed about…

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