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They say that no orgasm is a bad orgasm, but wouldn’t you like to have longer, stronger climaxes?  Orgasms that will leave you breathless and keep a smile on your face for days at a time.  Here are six tips on achieving the best orgasms ever.

1.  Strengthen your genital muscles.  You can do kegal exercises that will help to make your PC muscles stronger and in turn will help you to control when you reach climax and how strong they are. A simple way to do this is to tighten and hold your PC muscles for 30 seconds. Stop for 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

2.  Limit your orgasms to 2 or 3 per week.  When you abstain from sex for awhile your desire will build up and by the time you find release your climax will be incredible.

3. Hold back on your orgasms.  When having sex, try to control when you actually climax.  As you feel yourself reaching that peak, stop for a moment, close your eyes, and breathe slowly and deeply through your nose, hold for five seconds then slowly let it out.  Once you’ve relaxed a bit you can go back to intercourse as usual.  As you get better and better at controlling when you reach climax you should find that your orgasms are much stronger and you lost a lot longer in bed as well.

4. Produce more semen.  If you ejaculate more semen then having an orgasm will feel even better.  Be sure to drink plenty of water every day—at least 8 glasses—and eat foods with a high water content such as most fruits and vegetables.

5.  Enjoy more foreplay.  While a lot of guys like to get right to the sex, by spending time of foreplay you’ll build up your excitement so that when you do finally climax it will be far more pleasurable.  Kiss your wife deeply and spend some time exploring her body.  Offer her oral sex and then have her kiss and touch you as well. By the time you have intercourse you’ll be ready to explode with pleasure!

6. Try natural male enhancement supplements.  There are many herbal pills on the market that can help you experience better orgasms.  Herbs like tribulus, horny goat weed, damiana and muira puama can all help boost your libido and assist you in achieving better and longer climaxes.

Try giving some or all of the above tips a try and see which ones work best for you.  When it comes down to it, everyone is different and you need to find the right combination for you and your partner.

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