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An interesting survey showed that most men think they’re above average lovers while their partners actually rated them as below average. Ouch! So how do you rate as a lover? This is a fun sex checklist to see if you might need to improve your moves or if you’re truly a fabulous lover.


Couples who say they have a very satisfying sex life and strong chemistry are always flirting with each other. Not just at home or in the bedroom, but through texting, emails, phone calls, and when they’re out together in public. A sexy wink, a sensual smile, caresses, and naughty whispers are all thing you should be doing if you’re a good lover. Don’t overdo it though because even too much of a good thing is too much.


Women who are dissatisfied with their love lives complain that their partner doesn’t spend enough time on foreplay. This is an excellent way to work each other up, so don’t gloss over this area. Can you honestly say you spend enough time touching and kissing before you get to the good stuff? If you want your lady to brag about what a great lover you are then you should be spending more time arousing her. Women don’t come with an “on” switch!

Oral Sex

Guys who want oral sex but who won’t offer it to their partner are simply selfish. Of course, you aren’t like that, right? You want to bring your lady to climax and the truth is that only about 5% of women actually orgasm through intercourse. Get down there and get to business. Ask her what she likes and what she doesn’t like. You’ll be rewarded tenfold.


Are you stuck in a rut and the missionary position is about all you do? Or are you going the other way and expect to duplicate every sex position in the Kama Sutra plus invent a few of your own? Intercourse isn’t about acrobatics, it’s about being open and communicating with each other. Most of the time you’ll probably use your favorite position, but sometimes you want to mix it up and inject a little fun and try something new. But find out what she wants first then reach a compromise.

Sometimes you may find that you aren’t in the mood or have trouble keeping an erection. If so, don’t think that she doesn’t notice and whatever you do, don’t keep it from her. There are plenty of male enhancement products on the market that act like natural Viagra. By using one of these supplements can increase erections, sex drive, energy levels, and even the strength of your orgasms.

After Sex

Do you reach orgasm then collapse and fall asleep? What you do after sex is often just as important as what you do before and during. Pull her close, tell her how amazing she is and how good the sex was, cuddle with her and tell her that she makes you feel so relaxed you don’t have a care in the world. Then she won’t be upset if you fall asleep.

So how do you measure up as a lover? Do you follow each one of these steps that make a man an amazing sex partner or do you need to put some in practice?

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