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There’s hardly a man who doesn’t wish he had a bigger penis. These days there are many ways to add on 2 inches or more through jelqing, male enhancement pills, penis traction devices, and even surgery. Jelqing is the safest and easiest method, along with supplementing with a natural penis pill. Men who perform this simple exercise daily can expect to gain at least two inches in length and at least an inch in girth.

Although a couple inches in length and an inch in girth doesn’t sound like much, it actually is since your penis will fill up with…


There aren’t many people who enjoy exercising, even though it can have an incredible effect on your overall health.  You work all day and the last thing you want to do is lift weights or run some laps and work up a sweat when you get home. If you have a low sex drive and would like to find the fastest and easiest way possible to boost your libido then you might want to give exercising another chance.

Studies have shown that even after your very first workout you can feel happier, more energetic, sexier and in the mood for…


Women aren’t always in the mood for sex and when they are it seems to come at a time when you can’t get an erection fast enough or at all. Maybe stress is weighing on your mind, you smoke, are getting older, or something else isn’t not allowing you to get hard when you need to. You don’t necessarily have erectile dysfunction, you just want to be ready when she is. Here are a few things you can do so you are.

Avoid Masturbating

When you’re in the mood and your girl isn’t around, it’s tempting to want to please…


You often hear about a deficiency of testosterone and perhaps you’ve dealt with it in the past. Maybe you began taking a natural male enhancement supplement, or have received testosterone therapy through your doctor. Then again, maybe you don’t take anything at all to boost your testosterone levels yet you’ve experienced some odd symptoms and want to know if you may have testosterone overload.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

If you do a search online you’ll find many websites that claim there are no symptoms at all if you’ve got very high levels of testosterone. They go on to…


More and more couples are battling with infertility. In the past, it seems that more women were infertile than men, but now it’s split about 50/50. If you feel that you’re suffering with any of the below conditions and find that you and your partner have had trouble conceiving, you may want to talk to your doctor about it and seek treatment.

1. Stress

When you’re under chronic stress your body releases chemicals and throws hormones off balance. In turn, this can wreak havoc on your reproductive system—not to mention your health in general.

Whether you’re dealing with work stress,…


Having a curved penis isn’t as rare as you might think. If your penis is bent then rest assured there are plenty of men who share the same problem. For some the curvature is minimal while other guys may have a severe bend in the penis referred to as Peyronie’s disease.  Here are some facts about it.

Where did the name come from?

King Louis XIV of France had an Italian doctor who was the first one to name this condition back in the 16th century. His name was Peyronie and so he named it after himself. It’s a pretty…


An interesting survey showed that most men think they’re above average lovers while their partners actually rated them as below average. Ouch! So how do you rate as a lover? This is a fun sex checklist to see if you might need to improve your moves or if you’re truly a fabulous lover.


Couples who say they have a very satisfying sex life and strong chemistry are always flirting with each other. Not just at home or in the bedroom, but through texting, emails, phone calls, and when they’re out together in public. A sexy wink, a sensual smile,…


If you’ve been diagnosed with, or suspect that you have, low sperm count you may be wondering what you can do about it. Luckily, there are some supplements you can take that will not only boost sperm count, but will increase semen production, sex drive, and virility as well. What Is Low Sperm Count?

Your doctor can perform a sperm count test that will measure the amount of sperm in a unit volume of semen. The average sperm count is between 20 million to 150 million sperm per milliliter. If you have significantly less sperm then you may encounter fertility…


Statistics show that present day couples have sex by the third date. In decades past men and women waited months before becoming intimate. Sure, it’s much more acceptable to go to bed with each other right away, but should you have sex with her sooner or later?

Benefits Of Having Sex Sooner

The two of you hit if off right away, there’s intense chemistry, and you’re human! Sex is probably on your mind several times a day, especially when you think of her, and doing it sooner seems a whole lot better than waiting. You want to be sure you’re


A lot of guys are looking for ways to increase their penis size, but they often forget about the size of their testicles. If yours are smaller than average it’s not just a case of wanting bigger testicles to look better, but it may point to low levels of testosterone. Through the use of certain herbs you can learn how to make your testes bigger.

Small Testicles

You may be wondering why your testicles are smaller than other guys. There could be a couple of reasons for this. It might be genetic or it may be a hormonal imbalance. If…


When you go looking for a natural penis pill you probably only have harder erections, a bigger penis, better orgasms, and incredible sex on your mind, right?  But male enhancement supplements can also keep your penis healthy. Not only that, but they can keep you healthy from head to toes.

Not Just Sex Boosters

The vast majority of herbal sex pills contain many of the same ingredients such as ginkgo, ginseng, bioprene, creatine, L-arginine, green tea, hawthorn, omega-3, maca, and saw palmetto. Since there are so many different male enhancement supplements on the market there will be different blends, but…


Decades ago the internet was in its infancy and couples still communicated through telephone calls and handwritten letters. Now that technology is so much a part of our lives and many couples find online romance that often results in long-distance relationships, how can you create an intimate atmosphere? It’s not hard at all when it comes to creating sexy emails and staying close to the girl you love or want to get to know better.

The Beauty Of Emails

When you have face-to-face contact you can pay attention to her body language, her smile or frown, the way she gets…


Everyone always talks about how women can have multiple orgasms, but is it only for the ladies?  Not at all. Guys can learn to train themselves to have multiple male orgasms too.  All you need to do is follow any one of these techniques and you’ll soon know what all the women are talking about.

Multiple Male Orgasm Methods

Kegal Exercises

What you’re doing here is strengthening the muscle you would contract to stop yourself from urinating. You can learn to do this by cutting off your stream of urine then releasing it next time you’re going to the bathroom.…


Every year dozens, if not hundreds, of new libido boosters pop up all over the internet, in stores, and pharmacies.  Many of them will have various ingredients that are known, with perhaps new “discoveries” or chemical compounds. Although you might be curious about these new products, it seems smart to use an ancient remedy for low libido. After all, these herbs have centuries of proven results behind them.

Causes of Low Libido

There are several things that may be going on in your life that could be causing your diminished sex drive such as:

Health problems Age Poor circulation Relationship


As a man, you want to feel energetic, virile, and sexy. After all, if you feel good about yourself and your ability as a lover it spills over into every part of your life. There are plenty of herbal male enhancement supplements on the market, also known as virility pills or penis pills, that can give you a health lift in many areas.

Virility Pills – How They Can Help You

Finding a good pill

Finding a quality herbal male enhancement pill isn’t hard. All you need to do is spend a bit of time doing research and reading customer…


There are many diseases that can hit at any time, everything from heart disease to cancer, but one disease that hits men the hardest is impotence symptoms. It affects not only your body, but your mind and confidence as well. Your sex life takes a heavy blow and you wonder if you should secretly run to the nearest erectile dysfunction doctor for help.

ED is as frustrating as it is embarrassing. What guy wants to admit that he can’t get an erection?  Maybe you have this trouble all the time and now it’s become anxiety related impotence, or perhaps your…


As you can tell, the title of this post is a bit comical.  After all, does any guy really want to make his penis look smaller?  Of course not!  But these are some good tips on what not to do if you truly want to make what God gave you look bigger.

Don’t Trim or Shave

All that pubic hair growing like a wild Sasquatch down there will hide your penis from view.   Contrary to the current fashion fad of shaving off all pubic hair, women who like sex want a guy to have at least some hair on their…


Have you noticed a steady decline in your sex life while at the same time your stress levels seem to rise?  There’s no coincidence here.  It’s been shown that the more stress we have in our lives, the less sex we enjoy.  Whether you work long hours, have financial pressures, the kids are driving you insane, or any number of other large and small stress factors, it can all pile up and affect your love life.

Stress is a tricky thing.

It makes us believe that so many things are super important yet we can’t do anything about it.…


When you’re looking for something that can help you get stronger, longer lasting erections and perhaps boost your fertility levels as well, it’s best to use a natural approach.  Viagra has become a household word, a joke, and the first thing men run for when they can’t get it up.

Let’s face it, the little blue pill that costs an arm and a leg has a huge marketing campaign behind it!  But it also has a long list of negative side effects including smaller things like a terrible headache to bigger things like a heart attack.  A prescription pill for…


Is there really a difference between making love and having sex?  It depends on the people involved and how you view intercourse.  The truth is, if you aren’t doing both in your relationship then you’re missing out!

Having Sex

Technically, if you’re having intercourse or oral sex in any capacity then you’re basically having sex.  However, most people like to draw a line between just “having sex” and “making love.”

Having sex can mean a quickie in the afternoon, oral sex or intercourse that is just pure, raw sex.  No tenderness, no long moments of foreplay, no soft caresses.  You…

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