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There are a lot of false assumptions about what makes up a true sex addict. Do you think you may be addicted to sex or do you just have a higher than average sex drive? Look over the following information and you may be surprised!

1. The true sex addict uses sexual stimulation as a way to cope with stress. This stress may be in the form of a tough job, problems in a relationship, financial worries, or childhood traumas.

2. For people who are addicted to sex, they find that they can’t stop their sexual behavior even if they want to. It’s like a driving force they have no control over. Many times it starts to take over their lives and ruin parts of it.

3. The difference between having a high sex drive or being a sex addict is simple: the person with a high sex drive is satisfied with sex. If your wife isn’t in the mood you won’t take it personally or feel an overwhelming need to masturbate or look at porn.

4. Masturbation is the most common of all sexual addictions. Sometimes it can branch out into the person becoming addicted to pornography or seeking out many sex parters, but most of the time it does start out as being addicted to masturbating. Whether the addict masturbates once a day or ten times a day, if there’s a driving need to do it then it’s an addiction.

5. Pornography is usually present in the sex addicts life. They create a fantasy world they can visit any time. They’re never rejected. Sadly, this can often take the place of real relationships or destroy any relationship the addict may try to pursue since the addict actually prefers masturbation and pornography to real sex.

6. Like any addiction, it takes time, patience and counseling for a sex addict to overcome their problem. In time, if the sex addict is serious about recovery, they can heal their lives in all areas–mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially. They can then move on to real and meaningful relationships.

If you believe you’re addicted to sex there are many places where you can seek help and guidance. Also, be honest and open with your partner if you’re in a relationship so the two of you can work on it together.

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