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Also known to the Chinese as Lingzhi, the mushroom species Ganoderma lucidum has been included in tons of traditional treatments spanning over four millennia. The Chinese name is translated to – the herb of spiritual potency. To the Japanese, this reddish fungus is termed as Reishi, while it is Yeongji to the Koreans. When one talks about the known medicinal value of Reishi, one keyword comes to mind: aphrodisiac!

Just a piece of trivia: Reishi is actually included as an ingredient in male enhancement pills, such as Prosolution Pills and Volume Pills, both of which are specially formulated to help increase sperm production and boost male libido.

How does Reishi help out people with sexual dysfunctions? Read on to find out how the magical mushroom is traditionally used, and how it can boost your sex life and improve your overall health.

The Traditional Role of Lingzhi or Reishi

According to Wikipedia, consumption of Lingzhi can positively affect the heart’s Qi, or internal energy, thereby improving the blood and circulatory system. The mushroom also has great effects on the kidneys, which as reported by are organs that are the roots of passion and sexual power. mentions that the Chinese commonly use Reishi as ingredients in many dishes like stews and soups, while herbal decoctions or drinks are consumed because of their believed effect on fertility and libido. Reishi or Lingzhi are otherwise termed as magic kidney mushrooms, which can also heal conditions affecting the urinary system.

Economic Value of Reishi

Reports from Shanghai, China, state that while Lingzhi or Reishi is also recognized as the mushroom of the immortals because of their healing powers, it also carries great economic importance. A kilogram of the dried fungus can cost several hundreds of dollars. China exports a lot of this mushroom to Western countries, thereby indicating the demand for the medicinal and sexual significance of Reishi.

Scientific Research on Reishi

Wikipedia lists a few researches involving the effectiveness of Reishi against various conditions. Studies with tested animals indicate that Reishi has the potential as an anti-cancer treatment. Other than that, the compound ganoderic acid in the fungus can also heal liver conditions and boost immunity.

Further studies have explored the ability of Reishi compounds to kill certain bacteria and viruses, such as E. coli and some flu viruses. Some news articles mention that Reishi extracts or pills are known to be used against HIV/AIDS.

Check your male enhancement supplements and find out if they contain Reishi extracts. Who knows? Not only will this sexy mushroom boost your libido and improve male fertility, but it can also keep your body as healthy and powerful as the immortals!

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