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Enjoying sex longer is often just wishful thinking for many men. No matter how hard to you try to hold yourself back, you climax sooner than you want to. You’d love for intercourse to last a half-hour, maybe even an hour, heck maybe all night! You may have read about exercises to combat PE but you don’t have the time or interest to do them. There are some products on the market that can end premature ejaculation without exercises.

By using any of these products you can alleviate the stress and frustration that goes along with PE and finally enjoy…


When you go looking for a natural penis pill you probably only have harder erections, a bigger penis, better orgasms, and incredible sex on your mind, right?  But male enhancement supplements can also keep your penis healthy. Not only that, but they can keep you healthy from head to toes.

Not Just Sex Boosters

The vast majority of herbal sex pills contain many of the same ingredients such as ginkgo, ginseng, bioprene, creatine, L-arginine, green tea, hawthorn, omega-3, maca, and saw palmetto. Since there are so many different male enhancement supplements on the market there will be different blends, but…


When you’re having sex don’t you wish it would last longer?  Of course, you can draw things out by paying more attention to foreplay and pleasing your girl first. That’s not really the point though. You want to last longer while having intercourse. It’s frustrating, embarrassing or just not as fulfilling when you orgasm too fast. But what can you do to last longer in bed?

Stop Premature Ejaculation

By following a specific breathing exercise you can finally end premature ejaculation and enjoy sex longer. But do you really suffer from PE? Since it takes women so long to climax,…


Being able to last longer in bed is a secret dream of most men.  Not only will you be able to satisfy your partner better if you don’t climax as quickly, but by prolonging the time it takes you to have an orgasm you can enjoy sex more.  The longer it takes for you to reach climax the stronger your ejaculation will be.  So what are the secrets to lasting longer in bed?

Don’t Rush

When you’ve got a woman in your bed it’s easy to rush into lovemaking and get right to it.  Pretty soon things get hotter and…


Every year many new penis pills hit the market.  It’s hard to know which product is good and which ones are bogus.  So how can you be sure what you’re getting will do what you need it to do?

First, decide what your needs are. Do you want to help combat premature ejaculation and last longer in bed?  Do you want to add on inches in length and girth to your penis?  Do you need to help end erectile dysfunction?  Perhaps you want to accomplish all of the above.  By knowing what you truly need a penis pill to do…


Men often say how they wish they could last longer in bed.  They feel that by being able to hold off on ejaculation for a half-hour, an hour, or more, that their partner would really be satisfied and impressed.  The truth is, from a woman’s point of view, premature ejaculation can be a good thing!

Please Her First

The whole reason you want to last longer in bed is because you want the sex to be good and for your lady to be pleased, right?  So please her first!  Offer her some oral stimulation and bring her to orgasm before…


There are countless natural male supplements available online that have a combination of ingredients that can help increase the length and strength of your erections and boost your sex drive. Vicerex is one such product. Let’s take a look at it and see what it may be able to offer you.

Vicerex claims

This penis pill has a long list of positive effects that might help you with your sexual needs. Some of the highlights are:

It can be taken with alcohol…


When it comes to natural male enhancement, most guys tend to think of enlarging their penis rather than banishing wrinkles or increasing their bust line as most women do. Not many men are satisfied with what Mother Nature gave them “below the belt.” You could always use a couple extra inches, maybe a bit more girth, firmer erections, last longer in bed, and perhaps find a few sexy techniques to use on the ladies.  True?

One of the best ways to increase length, circumference, erections and staying power is through…


Men covet their penises as much as women do their breasts. It’s also an area of concern, worry, and frustration for many men. Nobody’s born perfect and add on stress, certain medications, and age which just add to your penis concerns. Here’s a list of the top things that men worry about when it comes to their manhood and ways to overcome the problems.

Premature Ejaculation

We all want sex to last as long as possible, but for some guys simply getting anywhere near a vagina makes…


Even better than reaching an orgasm yourself is being able to sexually please your woman. Maybe you’ve gotten into a rut and just use the same couple of positions over and over again, but you want to try something different. Something that will cause the two of you to daydream about for days to come. It would also be great if you could last longer in bed so you’re sure she’s satisfied. Here some some sex positions that will build stamina and drive her wild.

Women Want Great Sex

Although most women claim that they’d rather have jewelry than…


97 men out of 100 make these two mistakes when it comes to premature ejaculation, are you one of them? Yes, there are completely natural and surefire ways to overcome PE, but the vast majority of guys who experience this problem never follow them. Instead, they’re guilty of following these big mistakes in the bedroom.

Thinking PE Will Go Away

Let’s face it, premature ejaculation is embarrassing and frustrating. Who wants to spend all day long thinking about it and trying to do something about it? It makes you feel like a failure or a…


Whenever you have sex you seem to ejaculate faster than you’d like. In fact, there are times when you can barely last a couple of minutes. It’s embarrassing and frustrating. You want to last longer, as long as you’d like, but nothing has worked. You’ve tried masturbating before having intercourse, but that hasn’t helped. You’ve tried some penis pills, but they didn’t work either. Thinking about something else while having sex doesn’t do any good because having sex feels so good! So what are you going to do? Are you going to walk around the rest of your…


If sex is often more frustrating than enjoyable because you climax too fast, there are two things you can do to end this permanently. What man doesn’t want to last longer when having sex? It’s more enjoyable when the sensations last longer, and you can please your partner as well. Premature ejaculation is something that plagues 20-30% of the sexually active male population. As you can see, you aren’t alone.

PE not only does a number on your confidence, but it also leaves you wondering if your wife or girlfriend is going to leave you for a guy who’ll last…


Woman can last for a half hour or more before finally reaching orgasm, while most men climax within 5-10 minutes. Do you usually reach orgasm faster than that and want to last longer? Perhaps you can go 10 minutes or so but want to keep hold off until your girlfriend climaxes. Here are some FAQs about lasting longer in bed.

Will taking a pill help?

Most sex pills for men are created to help you get and keep an erection by improving blood flow through the penile chambers. This…


That little blue pill you see advertised everywhere is supposed to help with erectile dysfunction and it does work for that problem.  For men who would love to enjoy sex but can’t get an erection or only partial erections, this could seem like an answer to a prayer.  But is it safe?  I always believe that natural is better.  All of those chemicals packed into prescription drugs can have some unwanted side-effects that may be worse than any good you can get from them.  Viagra is expensive and Viagra can cause a long list of health problems.

Are you ready…


When making love you want to extend intercourse and your orgasms as long as possible so you can enjoy it more.  Even if you feel you last a fair amount of time before climax you may want to prolong your erections so you can be sure your wife is satisfied.  After all, many women won’t share their thoughts with you about how good (or bad) you truly are as a lover.  You can never go wrong with learning to control ejaculation and making love longer.

Although there are various products on the market that can help control ejaculation, and some…


Having an orgasm before or right after you begin intercourse can be frustrating.  It can also set in motion a circle of events that makes it worse each time.  You feel embarrassed and annoyed that you climaxed so quickly, you wonder what your girlfriend is thinking (even if she does seem understanding), and you hope that it won’t happen again.  You become anxious each time you have sex and this can make PE worse or contribute to erectile dysfunction—and your anxiety skyrockets!

Keep in mind that PE can be controlled, if done correctly.  Premature ejaculation isn’t necessarily a medical problem,…


Being able to control when you climax is important for lasting longer in bed.  The average guy takes anywhere from 5 – 10 minutes to reach orgasm.  If you find that you ejaculate much sooner than that and want to hold off on climax until you’ve satisfied your partner or are good and ready to climax, there are natural ways to cure this.

You may have heard of various exercises and pills that can help with premature ejaculation, though there are also breathing techniques than can cure PE as well. Controlled breathing is one of the best exercises out there…


There’s a lot of debate, especially when guys talk to one another, about the average ejaculation time.  Some guys brag that they can go all night long, though this is almost always not true—unless he has erectile dysfunction and that’s why it took so long!  But you may be wondering if you climax too fast.  After all, how many guys are truly honest about their sex lives?

The truth is that ejaculation times vary greatly.  Some men may feel that they have problems with premature ejaculation simply because he can’t last as long as he’d like, even though it’s above…


If you’re exercising your body to stay fit, feel more energetic, and to get rock-hard muscles, why aren’t you doing the same for your penis?  Yes, there are exercises you can do right from the comfort of your own home using no fancy gadgets that will help to increase your penis size, along with other positive side effects.  Natural penis exercises are convenient, easy, and even enjoyable.  It’s also one of the most effective ways to gain inches.

Researchers have done studies on male organ exercises and have come to the conclusion that they do bring about a noticeable increase…

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