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Having a curved penis isn’t as rare as you might think. If your penis is bent then rest assured there are plenty of men who share the same problem. For some the curvature is minimal while other guys may have a severe bend in the penis referred to as Peyronie’s disease.  Here are some facts about it.

Where did the name come from?

King Louis XIV of France had an Italian doctor who was the first one to name this condition back in the 16th century. His name was Peyronie and so he named it after himself. It’s a pretty common disorder though not many people talk about it.

Is any bend in the penis considered Peyronie’s disease?

There’s hardly a man on Earth who has a perfectly straight penis. They all bend a bit to the left, right, up or down. However, some have such a curved penis that having intercourse is painful and downright impossible for some.  This is referred to Peyronie’s disease and affects about 1% of the male population.

What causes it?

Doctor’s aren’t really sure why some men develop Peyronie’s disease, but they speculate that it could be caused by penis trauma due to an injury. When the penis healed scar tissue built up inside the penis, reducing the elasticity of the healthy tissues, causing the curvature.  Contrary to some stories that you may hear, this condition isn’t caused by rough sex.

How does it affect intercourse?

About one-third of the men who have Peyronie’s experience pain in their penis when they get an erection. Some guys may also find that the head of their penis doesn’t fill with blood, so they aren’t able to get a full erection.

Most men are able to have intercourse even with a bent penis, though there are some that have such a greatly distorted shaft that they’re unable to have sex. This can be due to the pain, the shape of the penis and/or the fact that it can’t become fully erect.

Are there cures?

If you have a curved penis, rather than worrying about whether or not your shaft is ramrod straight, it’s best to focus on how comfortable it is for you to have intercourse. For men who find that erections are painful, doctors sometimes recommend vitamin E capsules to help rebuild tissue and reduce scarring, and also an anti-inflammatory such as Advil. For significant pain your doctor may prescribe a stronger drug.

Verapamil, a calcium channel blocker, is another potential cure for this disease. It’s injected directly into the scar tissue of the penis every two weeks to help break up scar tissue that’s formed. There’s been a reported success rate of 70% with this method.

There’s also an outpatient surgery technique that may help to straighten a bent penis called the Nesbitt Tuck. It takes only a few minutes where a stitch is put into the opposite side of the curve.

If you believe you have Peyronie’s disease, talk to your doctor about it. You’ll want to discuss how badly it hampers your sex life, if it causes any pain, and treatments available.

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