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By massaging your testicles each day you can boost testosterone levels, combat erectile dysfunction, increase your sex drive and fertility, and have longer, stronger erections. What could be easier? All you need is your hand and your testes, plus a few minutes a day to reap so many benefits. If you think you’ve read and heard it all before, keep reading. You’ll be surprised at how this simple trick can do so much good for male sexual health.

How Testicular Massage Helps

  1. By massaging your testicles you can increase testosterone production quickly and naturally. When testicles are healthy they can generate up to seven milligrams of testosterone each day. However, if your testicles aren’t in top shape you may be producing only one milligram of testosterone daily.
  2. Greater sperm generation and more ejaculatory volume is another way that testicular massage can help. With an increase semen and sperm volume this can raise your fertility levels as well. Couples who have had problems getting pregnant could find that this easy massage increases the likelihood of conceiving.
  3. If you’ve had trouble getting or keeping erections, testicle massaging can help. It increases the blood flow and, as we just discussed, improves testosterone production as well. What this means for you is more, better, and stronger erections.

How To Massage Your Testicles

  1. Take a hot washcloth that you’ve run under the tap, wring it out, then apply it to your testicles for a few minutes while it cools off. You can sit there and read, play a video game, watch TV, etc. This helps to loosen the skin and open the blood vessels to get the most blood flow into your testes. Once the washcloth has cooled a bit, you can remove it and start the massage.
  2. Take your thumb and forefinger and grab the base of your scrotum making an “okay” sign with your fingers. You’re forming a ring around the bottom of your testicles. Squeeze and pull down on them until they’re pressed tight and unable to move. While you perform the massage you don’t want them to move around.
  3. Take the palm of your other hand and massage your testicles in a circular motion with gentle pressure. You aren’t rubbing them, you’re keeping your palm in contact with your testes and massaging them. At the same time, pull downward on your scrotum then push up—gently! So, while one hand is massaging your testicles in a circular motion, your other hand is slowly moving them up and down. This may take awhile to get used to, sort of like the old, “Pat your head and rub your stomach” trick. Do this for no more than five minutes, but no less than three.

After you’ve performed the testicular massage you should notice that they feel fuller and hang lower than they usually do. This is due to the increase in blood flow and is a positive indicator that you’re doing it right. You can perform the massage daily or every other day, depending on how concerned you are about ED, fertility, or sex drive.

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