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We live in a day and age where almost every home has a computer and many are laptops. Having a laptop computer makes things a lot easier since you can take it with you wherever you go, whether the bedroom or living room, or the local cafe or hotel. The problem is, most men don’t realize that they’re toasting their testicles.

Unknowingly cooking your testes

A study done by the New York State University showed that laptop use among men raises scrotum temperature. What does this mean? It means that if the temperature in your testicles is above normal it can kill off sperm and decrease sperm production. Laptops aren’t hot enough at first for you to feel pain, so you leave it on your lap, cooking your private parts away—so to speak.

The heat coming off of these portable computers isn’t noticeable at first so you simply type away, browse various websites, and at some point you think, “Wow, my crotch is kind of hot.” So you move the laptop to a table or leave it alone for awhile. The problem is, the damage has already been done. You’ve just about boiled your sperm and lowered your chances of making more if you keep this up.

How you can protect yourself

Special lap pads are made that will help to keep your computer cooler and lessen the transfer of heat from the laptop to your lap. Some other wise things to do would be not putting the laptop directly on your crotch area or setting the computer on a pillow or cushion. Also, you can put your laptop on a desk or table.

If you’ve noticed that you aren’t ejaculating as much as you used to and/or you haven’t been able to get your wife pregnant, before going to the doctor take a look at your laptop routine and make some changes. You should soon notice a beneficial change in how much semen you put out and, if you’re trying for a baby, you may just get lucky by following the above tips. No in vitro needed!

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