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Are you a conversation killer or do you want to avoid snuffing out a good time before it’s even started?  It’s easy to feel nervous when you’re on a first date or meeting someone for the first time, and it’s incredibly easy to ruin a conversation. Are you guilty of any of the following blunders?  If so, you can fix it and become very skilled at communicating with women, or anyone else.

Stick to Safe Topics

The reason this is a conversation killer is because everyone keeps to safe topics when on a first date. Of course, you don’t want to be rude or overly sexual, but how many times have you gone down the list of asking her about her job, family, music, etc.? Imagine how many times she’s given the same well-rehearsed answers.

If you want to inject life into things try asking her something unusual that will totally throw her off kilter and catch her off guard. This is how you make a good impression! Ask her what her happiest childhood memory is, if she’s ever picked apples, or had dreams she could fly. This wakes her up and gets her thinking and she’ll also want to spend more time with you!

Interrogate Her

Wiping out any chance of a second date is easy if you drill the girl with a long list of questions, especially if they’re personal such as her finances and previous lovers. Sure, you’re probably interested to hear all about her, but don’t get too personal too fast and don’t bombard her with question after question. A conversation is mutual, it’s about sharing. Ask her a question and wait for her to reply then share something about yourself along that same line.

Be Short

No, I’m not talking about your height, I’m talking about your statements. These “short” guys are the ones who give brief yes or no answers, or flatly state their opinions. “That movie was okay. The food was all right. Yes. No. I don’t know.” These flat, short, bland statements will only make her feel uncomfortable and have her hoping the date ends sooner rather than later.

Practice Makes Perfect

Even if you’re nervous or have no idea how to “make small talk” you need to practice until you get good at it. Talk with friends, talk with cashiers and waitresses, do whatever you have to so that you become better at talking and listening. And, whatever you do, don’t kill the conversation! Communication is key to having better first dates and more second dates.

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