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Women consider a big penis and big testicles as a sign of virility and masculinity. Maybe you’re okay with the size of your penis, but your testicles are a bit on the small side. Or perhaps you’re trying to enlarge them both.

There’s a lot of information online about how to lengthen your penis, but not much on what works to enlarge your testicles. Is there anything that works? Yes, there is! There are actually a few herbs that can help to make your testicles bigger…and they’ll increase your penis size as well, so that’s definitely a win-win situation!

Why are your testicles small?

If your testicles have always been small it could simply be genetics. Also, as a man ages his testicles tend to shrink. Low levels of testosterone and other male hormones (called androgens) can also be the reason for tiny testes.


If the cause of your small testicles is due to decreased levels of testosterone or other androgens you could talk to your doctor about HRT (hormone replacement therapy).  Hoewver, there are side-effects such as a possibility of increased chance for developing cancer, mood swings, anger outburst, and more. Your best bet to naturally increase the size of your testicles would be through a natural male supplement.

Maca –

Nearly a dozen studies have been conducted on the effects of maca. The results showed that maca increased sperm production and also increased testicle weight. There are three types of maca on the market: yellow, red, and black. Black maca is said to be best when it comes to increasing sperm count and testicular weight.

Tribulus Terrestris –

Recent studies on this herb found that it has a positive effect on sperm production. Tribulus may also reduce testicle shrinkage. The herb helps the body to create more testosterone which can increase testicle weight, give you bigger and harder erections, and boost your libido. It’s touted as one of the best all-over sex boosters.

Ashwagandha –

Researches conducted with this herb centered on sperm production and testicle development in rats. The findings were that the rats’ testicles were significantly increased when given this herb. Ashwagandha is a good tonic for general well being and energy, and with the added benefit of increase testicle size it makes this a must-have.

You can choose to take all of the above herbs as individual supplements or find a good male enhancement supplement that has all three of these herbs in their list of ingredients. In time you should see a positive improvement in the size and weight of your testicles, plus you’ll enjoy better erections and more energy as well.

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