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The way people begin dating nowadays is far different than it was in the past, and in many ways it’s much easier and less formal. Best of all, once you get her phone number you can text back and forth a bit to see if you should step things up and actually call and talk to her. From there, if things go well you can plan to hang out, and so on. It’s much lower stress than days gone by!  Still, a lot of guys are afraid of rejection or simply don’t want to come off as a stalker by asking her outright, so how can you get her number without asking?

Be Different But Be You

When you strike up a conversation with a woman, whatever you do, don’t follow anything you’ve read in books or online that tell you to use pickup lines or to act like someone you’re not. She’ll either think you’re a jerk or ridiculous. Or, if she falls for the guy you’re pretending to be and then you eventually do act like yourself, this could destroy her trust in you or confuse her. She’ll wonder where that guy she met in the beginning went!

What you want to do is not be like the rest of the guys. Offer her a genuine smile, ask questions that are fun and off the wall, and really listen. Make a list of ten questions to ask a lady when you first meet her and start talking. Try to come up with some things that are fun, interesting and thought provoking rather than the old, “Where do you work, how many siblings do you have, blah…blah…blah…”

It’s All About Eye Contact

Look into her eyes, but not too much or it seems forced and creepy.  You need to strike a good balance between making eye contact, then sliding your gaze to her lips (no lower!), look around the room for a second, at your drink or food, then at her eyes again.

If you don’t look her in the eyes she’ll think you’re lying or so shy she couldn’t imagine dating you. If you look around too much you seem uninterested in her, and if you keep a laser-like focus on her eyeballs then you’ll just look like a serial killer.

Getting Her Number

This is the key to getting her number without asking. You want to laugh, have fun, be a bit flirty, but not seem too available and definitely not desperate. Don’t talk to her for too long and end the conversation by saying something like, “It’s been really great talking with you but I need to get back to my friends.”

Start walking away then turn back to her and say, “Hey, do you have a Facebook?” You aren’t asking for her number, you’re keeping things very nonchalant. Ten to one she’ll give you her number!  Even if she doesn’t you’ll get her name and her consent to look her up on Facebook and get to know one another better. Program this info into your phone then say, “Great! I look forward to catching up with you again soon.”

Give this a try next time you’re talking to a woman you’re interested in and see how well it works!

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