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Cheating is never right when you’re in a relationship, but sometimes things happen. You aren’t perfect, you feel bad that it happened, and you know you’ll never cheat again. The problem is, the trust between you and your lady is shaky, to say the least. How can you gain her trust after you cheated?

Sever Ties With The Other Woman

Be sure that you no longer talk to the other woman at all—not online, not through text, phone calls, nothing. You have to sever all ties with her, plain and simple, no ifs, ands or buts. If she tries to contact you don’t even reply, just delete the message. It doesn’t matter if you still feel connected to her in some way, or you feel bad, or she’s making threats, no contact, period!

Always Be Honest

You need to be honest with yourself, the other woman and your partner. If you truly want your relationship to work then you’ll do everything you have to so that it will. Some guys only “think” they want to stay in their marriage but it’s just because they feel guilty for being caught cheating.

When you break things off with your lover, tell her that your marriage means too much to you and you no longer want to see her or talk to her. Let your wife know you intend to make the relationship work and that you’ll never cheat again.  And mean it!

Time Heals Most Wounds

Gaining her trust back after you cheated is going to take time and it’s probably going to be difficult. She feels hurt, betrayed, and her self-esteem is probably at an all time low. Make a commitment to really work on your issues as to why you cheated in the first place, keep talking with her and being honest and open with your needs and wants, and ask her to do the same with you. Try to make your relationship better than ever…but give it time.

Don’t Do Things That Look Suspicious

You’re probably going to have to live the life of a saint for awhile to win back her trust, but that’s okay. If you really love her you’ll do whatever it takes. Of course, you won’t ever cheat, but also pay attention to your actions. Don’t do things that make you look suspicious or give her reason to think you’re having an affair again.

If you truly need to work late then call and tell her and call or text periodically while you’re working so she knows you aren’t in the arms of another woman. If you’re stuck in traffic call and let her know. If you want to go out with the guys tell her where you’re going, who you’re hanging out with and when you’ll be home and stick to it. Actually, this is just common courtesy.

Repairing a relationship after an affair takes time and hard work, though it’s not impossible.

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