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You’re sick of dating, tired of being alone, but how do you find your Ms. Right? Do you leave everything up to fate and destiny? Maybe you need to double or triple your dating efforts and play the numbers game? When it comes to finding the ideal woman for you, it can be as easy as putting the following checklist into action. Very soon Cupid will be paying you a visit!

  1. Really get to know yourself. What are your likes and dislikes? What have you learned from past relationships that you don’t want to repeat this time around? When you spend time getting to know who you are inside and out and being the best you can be it’s much easier to attract Ms. Right.
  2. Always be honest with yourself and the women you meet, especially when creating your online dating profile. You don’t have to bare your entire soul or write an encyclopedia, but don’t try to sound sexually adventurous, wealthy, or whatever else you aren’t. Lies always come to the surface and will kill any potential relationship you start up.
  3. What makes you feel happy, sexy, peaceful, energetic, and eager? What makes you feel irritated, tired, frustrated, bored and afraid? The more you know yourself the easier it is to attract the right woman.
  4. Leave your past in the past. By carrying around a big chip on your shoulder because you were cheated on, stabbed in the back, nagged to death, or whatever your ex did, all you’re doing is chasing away any chance of finding the type of love you truly yearn for.
  5. Spend time getting to know the woman/women you date. Don’t rush through your date or think only of sex—which is easy to do when you’ve been lonely for awhile. Pay attention to her and what she says and be sure she’s paying attention to you as well.
  6. Acknowledge the fact that you’re always changing. No, you won’t be perfect, but as long as you’re constantly working toward being a loving, giving, good and healthy person in a loving, giving, good and healthy relationship, you’ll be happier than if you remain stuck in old, negative habits.
  7. When you begin a new relationship don’t allow your baggage to sabotage things. Whether you were controlling, a doormat, or any other issues, remind yourself that you’re a new person and you want a new relationship. You don’t want to repeat what you had with an ex.
  8. Strike a healthy balance between giving a woman love and space. Nobody wants to be ignored and they certainly don’t want to be suffocated. Enjoy an independent and fun life outside of the relationship.

By following this checklist you’ll be able to find your Ms. Right and enjoy the best relationship you’ve ever experienced.

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