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Mother Nature gives us everything we need to stay sexually healthy. Why opt for a prescription of Viagra or Cialis when you can boost your sex drive naturally, and reap many other health benefits as well? Take the case of piperine.

Piperine is classified as an alkaloid from Piper nigrum, the fruit from the black pepper plant. This is what gives pepper its spiciness. It’s been long-used in Ayurveda to treat and manage many diseases and illnesses. Though a pepper corn may not sound like much, the potential health and sex benefits…


Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea is known to have seduced many women and sired many children, including heroes, giants, and even cyclopes. One of the many symbols of Poseidon is the horse, which is also recognized in traditional medicine as a symbol of sexual power. Perhaps one can say that Poseidon knows a lot about sex! Now who would have thought that even the products from the sea can help humans with their sexual problems?

Many sea creatures have been used as aphrodisiacs and love potions for centuries. Some say that these organisms are used because they resemble…


Nearly everyone who’s tried libido boosters has heard about the potency of oysters. Traditional beliefs claim it boosts sexual stamina because it resembles the female genitalia. In line with these medicinal practices, many herbal products today contain oysters because of their known health benefits. As a matter of fact, oyster meat is a key ingredient in Irexis, a natural male enhancement supplement.

In reference to Ayurvedic medicine in India, oysters are called “kilingjal” in Tamil language. The inner lining of the shell is pounded into a fine powder and used to treat digestive disorders like diarrhea and intestinal problems. In…


Want to boost your sexual stamina but worried about the side effects? Luckily, there are natural male enhancement supplements that can improve your sex life – minus the chemical additives that can lead to adverse reactions.

Among the hottest trends in men’s health today is the use of natural products to maintain wellness and sexual function. There are tons of products in the market that contain extracts from leaves, flowers, root crops, and seeds. In addition to that, you can also find male enhancement pills that contain fruits like berries – those which have the power to increase sexual vigor…


In Ayurvedic medicine, the Tribulus terrestris herb has been used to cure many diseases. Natively, it is known as Gokhru in the Indian vernacular, but it is also called caltrop and puncture vine in English. In Chinese, it is referred to as bai ji li. Etymologically, the name Tribulus was derived from the Latin word for spiky weapon, as the herb produces small spiky fruits that can be used in weapons to puncture.

Today, the use of Tribulus has gone a long way from basic everyday cures in traditional medicine. Tribulus terrestris is now a powerful ingredient which is used…


Ayurvedic medicine, also termed as the science of life, has been practiced in regions like India and Sri Lanka for thousands of years. The medical treatments covered by this alternative realm are hugely diverse, ranging from basic remedies to emotional and spiritual healing.

In terms of sexual health, one of the eight disciplines that fall under Ayurveda is Vajikaranam, which covers aphrodisiacs to rituals that improve fertility. Aphrodisiacs, such as natural forms of Viagra, are called Vajikarana, derived from the word vaji meaning horse. Horses, according to books on aphrodisiacs, are symbols of sexual virility.

With all the hype today…


Did you know that the answer to boosting libido and having even better sex can be found with candy? Okay, it’s not just any kind of candy, but these are aphrodisiacs that have been traditionally used by ancients and scientifically proven by experts to improve sex drive. Before getting into bed, you might want to try chewing on some of these for size.


A few years ago, reviews were made about a brand of chewing gum that acts like “Viagra candy.” SexLets, which gives allusion to the brand Chiclets, is a special candy that can boost a man’s libido…


Ayurvedic Herbs have been used for centuries as an ancient system of traditional medicine and remains an extremely powerful influence on modern medicine in South Asia and many other regions the globe over. It’s a combination of these natural aphrodisiac and rejuvenative ayurvedic herbs that go into our natural male enhancement products proven to increase many aspects of your overall sexual stamina, youthfulness, pleasure, and vigor with absolutely no side effects.

There are a number of different Ayurvedic herbs that are commonly used to rejuvenate one’s sex life or boost their overall sex drive. For instance, Kap-Kachu Rasayana #22 is…

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