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There’s hardly a man who doesn’t wish he had a bigger penis. These days there are many ways to add on 2 inches or more through jelqing, male enhancement pills, penis traction devices, and even surgery. Jelqing is the safest and easiest method, along with supplementing with a natural penis pill. Men who perform this simple exercise daily can expect to gain at least two inches in length and at least an inch in girth.

Although a couple inches in length and an inch in girth doesn’t sound like much, it actually is since your penis will fill up with…


Are you a conversation killer or do you want to avoid snuffing out a good time before it’s even started?  It’s easy to feel nervous when you’re on a first date or meeting someone for the first time, and it’s incredibly easy to ruin a conversation. Are you guilty of any of the following blunders?  If so, you can fix it and become very skilled at communicating with women, or anyone else.

Stick to Safe Topics

The reason this is a conversation killer is because everyone keeps to safe topics when on a first date. Of course, you don’t want…


There aren’t many people who enjoy exercising, even though it can have an incredible effect on your overall health.  You work all day and the last thing you want to do is lift weights or run some laps and work up a sweat when you get home. If you have a low sex drive and would like to find the fastest and easiest way possible to boost your libido then you might want to give exercising another chance.

Studies have shown that even after your very first workout you can feel happier, more energetic, sexier and in the mood for…


Cheating is never right when you’re in a relationship, but sometimes things happen. You aren’t perfect, you feel bad that it happened, and you know you’ll never cheat again. The problem is, the trust between you and your lady is shaky, to say the least. How can you gain her trust after you cheated?

Sever Ties With The Other Woman

Be sure that you no longer talk to the other woman at all—not online, not through text, phone calls, nothing. You have to sever all ties with her, plain and simple, no ifs, ands or buts. If she tries to…


It seems that a lot of men are worried about their penises. Are they big enough, thick enough, hard enough, and do they produce enough semen?  These are actually legitimate things to want to improve since these factors can mean the difference between feeling great about yourself or being preoccupied and wishing you could improve.

So Many Ways

You have exercises, traction devices and certain penis pills that can add on inches if you feel your manhood isn’t as big as you’d like. They also have natural male enhancement supplements that can help you get a harder erection and…


The way people begin dating nowadays is far different than it was in the past, and in many ways it’s much easier and less formal. Best of all, once you get her phone number you can text back and forth a bit to see if you should step things up and actually call and talk to her. From there, if things go well you can plan to hang out, and so on. It’s much lower stress than days gone by!  Still, a lot of guys are afraid of rejection or simply don’t want to come off as a stalker by…


Women aren’t always in the mood for sex and when they are it seems to come at a time when you can’t get an erection fast enough or at all. Maybe stress is weighing on your mind, you smoke, are getting older, or something else isn’t not allowing you to get hard when you need to. You don’t necessarily have erectile dysfunction, you just want to be ready when she is. Here are a few things you can do so you are.

Avoid Masturbating

When you’re in the mood and your girl isn’t around, it’s tempting to want to please…


You often hear about a deficiency of testosterone and perhaps you’ve dealt with it in the past. Maybe you began taking a natural male enhancement supplement, or have received testosterone therapy through your doctor. Then again, maybe you don’t take anything at all to boost your testosterone levels yet you’ve experienced some odd symptoms and want to know if you may have testosterone overload.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

If you do a search online you’ll find many websites that claim there are no symptoms at all if you’ve got very high levels of testosterone. They go on to…


Lately have you started to watch TV more than usual or are you spending more time at work or on the computer?  Does your wife tell you that you don’t talk to her anymore and never listen?  Maybe you feel your marriage has lost its passion and you have no idea what to do about it. Perhaps there are other reasons why you’ve become emotionally distant.

It’s Normal For Guys

It’s always really hard to see our own faults, especially when you’re a man. Women are usually very verbal and emotional while men tend to close in on themselves and…


Enjoying sex longer is often just wishful thinking for many men. No matter how hard to you try to hold yourself back, you climax sooner than you want to. You’d love for intercourse to last a half-hour, maybe even an hour, heck maybe all night! You may have read about exercises to combat PE but you don’t have the time or interest to do them. There are some products on the market that can end premature ejaculation without exercises.

By using any of these products you can alleviate the stress and frustration that goes along with PE and finally enjoy…


All relationships begin with a honeymoon phase where you feel as if you’re walking on clouds. You love being together, the sex is great, and you can’t see one another’s faults. As time goes on and hormones fade, reality sets in and you get to see your partner for what and who she really is. This is the point where you either realize you truly love her, find out that you’re not really compatible, or that you simply aren’t happy. But how do you know if you’re actually in a toxic relationship?

1. How Does She Act?

Although she says…


Most women these days don’t have a problem with telling a man his penis is too small and can’t satisfy them. What a blow to the ego! But, isn’t it better to know what a woman thinks about your manhood rather than guessing? Even if you weren’t born with the penis of your dreams, there are three easy things you can do if you want a longer penis.

Shave Or Trim Your Pubic Hair

Some men are very hairy and tend to have a lot of pubic hair covering their groin, testicles and even part of their shaft. All this…


There comes a time in almost every relationship where you don’t want to break up forever, but you simply need a break. A lot of couples tend to “go on a break” and it can be good in some ways and bad in others. There are certain things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about doing this.

Why Should You Do It?

Whether you’ve been dating for a few months or have been together for years, you may have reached a point in your relationship where you’re just not feeling it anymore.  Maybe she feels the same way. You’re…


You want your penis skin to be soft and supple, but instead it looks and feels dry.  The skin may look bumpy, red, flaky, or peeling. It could even be painful when you touch it. What are the causes of dry penis skin and what can you do about it?

Causes Of Dry Penis Skin

The main cause of having dry skin on your penis is masturbating too roughly, too often, or without enough lubricant. Having intercourse for long sessions without proper lubrication can also lead to dry penis skin. Certain soaps may also dry out your skin. Taking long


It’s so frustrating when the woman you love or want to get to know better won’t talk to you. You text, you call, you email and all you get in return is silence. So what’s going on? Why won’t she talk to you?  Depending on where you’re at in the relationship can point to different reasons for her lack of communication.

Just Met Her

So, you just met this girl and you think she’s pretty great. You gave her your phone number and told her to give you a text or call so you could hang out. She responded, saying…


More and more couples are battling with infertility. In the past, it seems that more women were infertile than men, but now it’s split about 50/50. If you feel that you’re suffering with any of the below conditions and find that you and your partner have had trouble conceiving, you may want to talk to your doctor about it and seek treatment.

1. Stress

When you’re under chronic stress your body releases chemicals and throws hormones off balance. In turn, this can wreak havoc on your reproductive system—not to mention your health in general.

Whether you’re dealing with work stress,…


When a relationship seems to have run its course and the two of you are constantly arguing or barely speaking, your mind starts to drift toward getting a divorce. But is it the logical thing to do? There are a lot of things you need to think about before getting a divorce and more reasons to avoid it. Divorce Isn’t An Easy Answer

These days too many couples throw in the towel and run to get a divorce before they’ve really tried making things work. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t rush into marriage and should feel that you…


Reading all the ingredients that go into the average penis pills can be confusing and overwhelming. Some may have a combination of five, ten, or even twenty herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. You may start to wonder if having that many ingredients is actually worth it or even safe. Should you take single herbs or stick with a combination supplement?

Male Enhancement Herbs

There are many herbs that can help with everything from erectile dysfunction to increasing penis length, or even boosting your sex drive and energy levels. Men living in China, Japan, the Amazon, India, and every place…


Having a curved penis isn’t as rare as you might think. If your penis is bent then rest assured there are plenty of men who share the same problem. For some the curvature is minimal while other guys may have a severe bend in the penis referred to as Peyronie’s disease.  Here are some facts about it.

Where did the name come from?

King Louis XIV of France had an Italian doctor who was the first one to name this condition back in the 16th century. His name was Peyronie and so he named it after himself. It’s a pretty…


An interesting survey showed that most men think they’re above average lovers while their partners actually rated them as below average. Ouch! So how do you rate as a lover? This is a fun sex checklist to see if you might need to improve your moves or if you’re truly a fabulous lover.


Couples who say they have a very satisfying sex life and strong chemistry are always flirting with each other. Not just at home or in the bedroom, but through texting, emails, phone calls, and when they’re out together in public. A sexy wink, a sensual smile,…

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